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"Santa suits, sacks, beards, elfware... everything for Santa's helpers!"

Santa Suit Stories

We hired some professional writers to write stories about Santa and Santa suits, and we have some amazing stories for you this year! Each of these stories is original and can only be used by this site and the authors themselves and no where else!

And to make things easier. stories will be expressed in larger type than elsewhere on the site.


"Santa Apocalypse" - By ThatArticleGuy
In the absolutely most snow covered region at the North Pole lived a man named Kris Kringle, but everyone who knew him reverently referred to him as Santa The Clause. Now Kris Kringle was a jolly old little robust man... More

"The Worst Santa Story... EVER" - By EpicWriter1
NOTE : This is some guy from India who used a program to spin a story I paid him to write. It is functionally un-readable... I was a first mad, then started laughing. It involves menacing wolves in Ohio. Originally titled "The Christmas Help", this is the worst Santa story ever and it also may just be the strangest... More

"Santa's New Suit" - By Charles Bazan
On the night of Christmas Eve, outside the Clause residence, the snow had just finished falling. Swirls of flakes we're coming to rest on the large pine tree out front as the wind began to slow. Inside the the glow from the fireplace was starting to fade as santa awoke, having ... More

"Christmas In Lagos" - By Nkechi Nwabudike
On the night of Christmas Eve, outside the Clause residence, the snow had just finished falling. Swirls of flakes we're coming to rest on the large pine tree out front as the wind began to slow. Inside the the glow from the fireplace was starting to fade as santa awoke, having ... More

"Would You Believe What Happens On Christmas Eve?" - By Eddie Graham (A story a-la Dr Seuss)
With a HE HE HE and a HO HO HO,
it's off to work the elves will go.
The year has gone and now it's Christmas Eve... More

"Hip Hip Santa" - By Adelina
Christmas was getting closer and closer, so Santa’s helpers were working hard to pack all the gifts for the children. The goblins were checking the list, and the elves had already prepared Santa’s suit.... More


"Santa Reveals" - By Brooke Folk, Shared copyright.
Here is a tale I must tell. Only Rudolph and I knew of this silliness for years but if anyone should inquire directly about how the author should have grabbed hold of it, just let it be said that there is magic in the air around Christmas... More

"Christmas Fun For Couples" - CONTENT IS FOR GROWNUPS ONLY, By John Bottomley, Exclusive to Santa.CC
There are as many inter-couple dynamics as there are couples, but each and every one of us seeks the same dynamic from our significant other, to find enjoyment and fun in how we relate to one another. The best way to reach this nearby shore is to use the power of the imagination in ourselves... More


"Choosing a Santa Suit" - By John Bottomley, Original article for mass publication
So you want to be the Santa? The hard part is over, you have made the decision. Now it is time to walk the walk and pick out a Santa Suit. Let's take price away for just a second (don't worry, we'll add it back in later). If money were not a factor, what would be the santa suit for you based upon utility alone? The answer is based upon where it will be worn... More

"Big Boots To Fill" - By Mary Mannon Reeves, Shared copyright.
It was the day after Christmas. Santa was relaxing on a beach somewhere with the missus and the reindeer had been turned out to pasture. Even all of the elves got to take some time off, resting from the year-long effort it took to fill the sacks, sleigh and dreams of children around the world. All of the elves, that is, except Periwinkle. "Everyone but me," he muttered... More

"Missing Suit" - By Gus Crotty, exclusive to Santa.CC.
Considering Santa only has to work one day every year, and although that day is a day when he manages to make his way around all of the 196 countries in the world in record time, and he works very hard doing it, it is still only one day a year. Yes, he has the odd letter to respond to that can't be handled by the team and yes on the very odd occasion he's called into head office... More

"Santas New Uniform" - By Gus Crotty, exclusive to Santa.CC.
There was an ominous knock at the door. Santa didn't move. He looked like he was about to cry. 'There's no point in hiding, they know you're here' Mrs Santa said, examining her knitting for mistakes. Santa still didn't move. Mrs Santa rested the knitting in her lap and lowered her half-moon rimless glasses. 'Come on, it can't be that bad, can it?' The knocking continued. Knock, knock, knock. Santa buried his head in his hands... More

"The Purple Santa Suit" - By Carolee Samuda, exclusive to Santa.CC.
It was close to Christmas and Christine had a deadline to meet. Her report must be finished and emailed to her boss. It was Christmas Eve and the computer was acting up. She was halfway through typing the report when a strange sound came from the computer... More

"The Missing Santa Suits" - By Carolee Samuda, exclusive to Santa.CC.
Paul lost his job at the mall. He has always played Santa but his boss decided that he was not a good Santa anymore. So he had a few drinks, so what? He was still the best Santa in town. He devised a plan, to steal all the Santa suits. It wasn't a very good plan but don't tell Paul that. When he realized it would take forever to steal all the suits from the stores or houses in the whole town, he figured that was too much work, so his plan was now to steal the suits... More

"The Lesson Of The Santa Suit" - By Emma Seyes, exclusive to Santa.CC.
'Twas the night before Christmas, and fourteen year-old Miranda Olsen was at the mall with her mom for a few last-minute items. Bored, she called her friend, who was also bored, at home, on Facebook. Miranda was watching people and telling her friend Sophie what she saw. Then she actually saw something exciting... More

"The Haunted Santa Sailor Suit" - By Robin Merrill, exclusive to Santa.CC.
Brian swore aloud to no one on his way to the bow. The ship was steering directly into the wind, so with each freezing step, Brian became more certain that Christmas cheer was not in his job description. Brian's new mate, a freshly graduated academy kid, had just instructed him to go decorate the Christmas tree that was securely tied to the end of the boom. Brian had nothing against Christmas per se, but it was zero degrees out, not counting the wind chill, and it was pitch black four o'clock in the morning... More


"Of Soot And Santa" - By Daniel Brantly, exclusive to Santa.CC
Sure it's magical. As it sat in the corner, the velveteen Santa suit appeared as magical as a pair of pliers. The thought made Darren snicker. The only difference is that a pair of pliers is immediately useful, he said to himself. Years before-decades actually, Darren's grandfather had tried to fill Darren's head with fantastical stories about some chubby guy who... More

"The Incredible Disappearing Santa Suit" - By Jacqueline Rosser, exclusive to Santa.CC
Any season of the year is a busy one for Santa. In the in the spring he goes out recruiting for new elves and reindeer to come join him at the North Pole. During the summer months, Santa scouts out new toy designs and trains the elves for fall. During the fall Santa busily helps ramp up toy production at the North Pole. And then during the winter he does what Santa does best and spreads cheer and joy to all the world..." More

"The Santa Suit In The Attic" - By Jim DeBellis, exclusive to Santa.CC
I opened the large white plastic bag inside a big cardboard box in the corner, and looked inside.  There it was, folded neatly and still looking festive and new: Dad's Santa suit.  It was a deep but bright red velvet with furry white trim around the collar, down the front, and around all of the edges.  More white trim marked the top of the huge pocket visible right on top, and I could see one of the oversized black buttons too.  The memories came flooding back..." More

"Father Christmas " - By Daniel Brantly, exclusive to Santa.CC
Christmas had always been a bit odd at James Godfrey's house. When he was 2 or 3 years old, he'd seen someone in a Santa suit sprint out of the living room and into the living room. At the age of 6, eagerly trying to uncover his Christmas gifts, he opened a box that had some rather large black boots in them. The kind, James figured that would go well with a Santa suit..." More

"Santa Suit : The Discovery Of Santa" - By Danielle Kaheaku, exclusive to Santa.CC
The red suit with its white fur trim trudged out into the snow. The North Pole was cold as it always was, but the suit didn't feel the icy chill of the wind or the wetness of the snow. It was warm and safe just as it was made to be and it was on a mission. A very important mission. Santa was needed. Children the world over were becoming cynical and cruel..." More

"My Rightful Santa Suit" - By Matthew Campbell, exclusive to Santa.CC
It was 3:00 am Christmas morning, and I heard noise coming from downstairs by the Christmas  tree. My wife, Holly,  was in bed dreaming the night away, and the kids were sound asleep; no doubt full of anxiety anticipating waking on Christmas. I could only wonder as I snuck down stairs... More


"Surfer Santa " - By Jacqueline Rosser, exclusive to Santa.CC
Imagine the perfect day at the beach. The sun is shining and the waves are crashing in the distance. There are many surfers in the water. Most surfers are wearing the traditional black wet suit. But, then in the distance you see a man in a red suit riding the waves. As he gets closer, you realize that isn't just any man. Red suit, white trim, fluffy beard and a pointy hat- that surfer is Santa
..." More

"The Multicolored Santa Suit" - By Kirsten Kohlwey, exclusive to Santa.CC
"Mom, why does Santa always wear a red suit?" Anna asked one late November day while turning the pages of a Christmas catalog.
"That is a good question, dear," Mom said. "I really don't know. Maybe we could ask him, the next time we see him."
"Oh, please. Let's do that. Let's go see him right now!" ..."

"Edwin Mallory's Santa Suit" - By Jim DeBellis, exclusive to Santa.CC
"Seven Santa suits were folded neatly and laid out along the table in the corridor outside of Sarah Bengsten's lower level office. "Grab a suit." She looked at the lean man's hospital-style wrist bracelet that he was given by HR, ".Mallory.  One size fits all."  The fast-walking, all-business executive rolled her eyes and shook her head as she walked into her office.." More

"First Encounters" - By Kirsten Kohlwey, exclusive to Santa.CC
Derek grabbed his Santa Suit enthusiastically. This mission had been planned very carefully. For years, they had watched as thousands of people donned these suits on Earth at about the same time every year. They were the perfect disguise for their mission..." More

"The Great Santa Suit Debate" - By Danielle Kaheaku, exclusive to Santa.CC
"Nuh uh! Santa's suit is the most magical."
"Is not!"
"Is too!"
"Is not!"
"Is too!..." More

"The Santa Suit Delivereth From War" - By Matthew Campbell, exclusive to Santa.CC
You would never believe my story, as rich in detail as it is in the fantastical, even if you lived it yourself. No one believes what happened to me, despite my persistence of its truth, my rage that people have suggested I am a liar, and my countless retellings of this story in the same and original detail as it happened to me..." More

We are always on the lookout for creative people, so if you want to write a story that has a Santa suit in it... we may just buy it!

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